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Search Engine Optimization is a long-term marketing approach which has a pivoted role in Digital Marketing Industry. The content writing is one of the most important activities in this Strategy. More than that the KeyWords are the key element for content creation.

Therefore SEO is not a simple process but if we do it for a particular site, which results an unexpected difference in its traffic of that site.

There are several techniques used in Search Engine Optimization to fulfil the esteemed position in the search tool. It is a nonlinear marketing, a type of interactive marketing, used to analyse the data and produce desirable output. Ecommerce metrics play an imperative role in optimising and managing the business. Ecommerce businesses are not a simple process it should follow some tracking methods.

  1. Visitor rate(Number of new visits per day)
  2. Link Clicks(Number of link clicks per day)
  3. Conversion Rate(CA) (Total number of conversions to the total number of visitors)
  4. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) (Total cost per acquisition to the total number of customers)
  5. Average Order Value (AOV) (Total number of sales to the total number of orders)
  6. Customer Retention Rate (CRR) (Average of Number of customers with more than 1 orde with the Total number of customers)
  7. Customer Retention Rate (CRR) (total revenue of customers spend for a business in their entire customer lifetime)
  1. Conclusion

These techniques builds on businesses collecting information about an Internet user's online activities, and analysing Visitors, New Customers, Link Clicks, Conversions etc. then modifying it then trying to be visible in multiple areas. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, which is not digital advertisement (via print, television, and radio advertising), nonlinear digital marketing strategies are aimed to reach intended customers across the world using multiple online platforms.


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